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T-Styles - User's Guide


Mac software T-Styles







1. Installing and uninstalling T-Styles

Please read the README file that comes with the application.  Or click here to download one.


2. Introduction

What is T-Styles?  It's a simple application that will let you store text styles.  You can create any number of text styles.  If you need any of them, simply select one in the list and click on the copy button.  You can also let T-Styles directly send the selected text style to TextEdit.



Mac software T-Styles

Screenshot 2-1


Mac software T-Styles

Screenshot 2-2




3. Preferences

When you first launch any new application, it's always a good idea for you to open Preferences.  Okay, why not?  In order to open Preferences, choose Preferences under T-Styles.  (See Screenshot 3-1.)



Mac software T-Styles

Screenshot 3-1


Mac software T-Styles

Screenshot 3-2



The first tab is Settings.  And you don't have many settings to work on.  (See Screenshot 3-2.)  The descriptions of some of the checkboxes under this tab are given in the following.


  • Require restart: Enable this checkbox if you want the application to automatically restart itself when you close Preferences window.  By so doing, you can make sure your application is updated with the latest changes you've made in Preferences.

  • Confirm text style deletion: If you want confirmation before delecting a text style profile, enable this checkbox.

  • Confirm text style update: Similar to 'Confirm text style deletion,' if you enable this checkbox, you will be prompted for confirmation when you click on the Update button to save changes.

  • Don't add # to hex value: By default, the text color is given by the hexadecimal value, preceeded by the pound sign (#).  If you don't want this sign, enable this checkbox.

  • List text sample: By default, T-Styles's style list has 6 columns.  If you enable this checkbox, T-Styles will append another column (Text sample) to the list.



Mac software T-Styles

Screenshot 3-3


Mac software T-Styles

Screenshot 3-4



Next, let's switch to Default style.  Under this tab, you can make your default text style settings.  (See Screenshot 3-3.)  The default text color is set to black (#000000).  In order to choose a color, click on the color button right below the label that says Color.  And the Color Picker window will pop up at the center of the desktop.  (See Screenshot 3-4.)




















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