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Shrinkables - User's Guide


Mac software Shrinkables







1. Installing and uninstalling Shrinkables

Please read the README file that comes with the application.  Or click here to download one.


2. Introduction

What is Shrinkables?  It's a batch application that will let you shrink any number of picture files at 20 different sizes of your choice at a time.  To begin with, drag and drop one or more image files onto the listbox, which servers as a drop box.  (See Screenshot 2-1.)  Then enable any of the checkboxes below and set resize dimensions.



Mac software Shrinkables

Screenshot 2-1



Don't forget to set an export folder by clicking on the Select button.  Then choose an export format.  By this time, the Export button at the bottom should be accessible.  Click on this button or choose File > Export to generate resized pictures for all source images.


Mac software Shrinkables

Screenshot 2-2



3. Preferences

When you first launch any new application, it's always a good idea for you to open Preferences.  Okay, why not?  In order to open Preferences, choose Preferences under Shrinkables.  (See Screenshot 3-1.)



Mac software Shrinkables

Screenshot 3-1


Mac software Shrinkables

Screenshot 3-2



The first tab is Settings.  And you don't have many settings to work on.  (See Screenshot 3-2.)  The descriptions of some of the checkboxes under this tab are given in the following.


  • Require restart: Enable this checkbox if you want the application to automatically restart itself when you close Preferences window.  By so doing, you can make sure your application is updated with the latest changes you've made in Preferences.

  • Set minimum: Shrinkables allows the user to set minimum dimensions at which pictures will be resized.  And the application wil automatically disable the Export button if any of the size field pair does not meet the minimum.  The default dimensions are 20 x 20 pixels.  If you enable this checkbox the size fields below will become accessible.

  • Confirm in clearing sizes: If you enable this checkbox, you will be prompted for confirmation every time you choose Size > Clear Width or equivalent.

  • Make sound when done: With this check box enabled, the application will play a short sound when the export process is complete.


Furthermore, under Settings, find a box that is labeled Default open folder.  Set a default folder by clicking on the Select button if you want.  (See Screenshot 3-3.)  When you choose File > Open to locate a source image file, Shrinkables will point to the folder or volume you set here.  By default, it will point to Desktop.  And it will automatically revert to Desktop if Shrinkables does not locate the selected default folder when it starts up.



Mac software Shrinkables

Screenshot 3-3





Likewise, you can set your default export folder where to export resized pictures by clicking on the Select buton found inside the box that is labeled Default export settings.  By default, it points to Desktop.  Finally, select the default export format.  When you first launch the application, it'll be set to PNG.


























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