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   Last updated: December 29, 2011








Windows software rPictus




rPictus is a simple Windows application that will let you spice up a picture by adding a reflection image to it.  Simply, open a file by choosing File > Open and then use the vertical slider to the left to determine reflection length.  Then use a horizontal slider to set opacity.  Finally, use the other horizontal slider to blur the reflection image if necessary.



Terms of use:


rPictus is currently available as a freeware title.  'Freeware' doesn't mean you own any part of this application.  It only means that you are allowed to use it after accepting terms of use.  There is no gurantee that it will function as it's supposed to.  We certainly have the right to not release rPictus as a freeware title.  And we have the right to repackage it with new features and release it as a commercial product at any time with or without a prior notice.  And if you know you are going to call us a thief after changing the release format, please don't use it in the first place.


  • Do not distribute or redistribute it.
  • Do not open a support ticket for it at MacHouse Support.



Trial version:


A demo/trial version is available.


  • Click on the button to download a beta/demo/trial version of rPictus for Windows 7.  Mac video tutorials



System requirements:


  • Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 7 32-bit (untested)
  • .NET Framework 4 Client (Click here for more information on .NET Framework 4.)




Purchasing rPictus license:



It is not currently for sale.





Version History:


1.0.2b to 1.0.4b (December 28, 2011)

  1. Fix: The application failed to open the Export window at the last location where it was opened .
  2. Fix: After the user changed the file name or the export folder to avoid overwriting to an existing file, the application could continue to indicate that it would overwrite it.


1.0.0b to 1.0.2b (December 15, 2011)

  1. Some windows will appear and disappear gradually.
  2. The startup screen is disabled as it can cause an exception error.


rPictus is a product of MacHouse.