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   Last updated: February 19, 2011






Rip4Audio - FAQ


Mac software Rip4Audio



1. Is Rip4Audio compatible with Snow Leopard?

Yes.  However, users running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) may not be able to save audio profiles.  In other words, Snow Leopard users have to configure audio settings every time they rip audio tracks.  Hopefully, things will change in the near future.

What's wrong with it?  The Snow Leopard version appears to fail to write data into a file (Users/User/Library/Application Support/Rip4Audio/rip4audio).  Unfortunately, it's not a programming error.  Otherwise, we would fix it.  In fact, it's a common IDE application problem that hinders database access under Snow Leopard.

An issue involving loading/saving audio presets has been resolved with Version 1.1.0.