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   Last updated: February 19, 2011






QuickMarQ - FAQ


Mac software QuickMarQ



1. How come 'Rotate Angle' will go disabled if track text is keyed?

If track text is keyed, some features will not be available.  One example is rotation.  Another example is track transparency.


2. Even after pressing the Apply button, text won't appear in video.  What's going on?

That's probably because your movie contains multiple video tracks (layers).  If you have access to QuickTime Pro, you can change change the order of appearance.  Hopefully, we can install the same feature in a next upgrade.


3. QuickMarQ has failed to insert a watermark track.  What happened?

If the movie file has one ore more forbidden characters in its name, QuickMarQ will not be able to apply a watermark lable to the given file.  Click here for more information.