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   Last updated: March 26, 2011






QMovies - FAQ


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1. Do I need QuickTime Pro to use QMovies?

Nope.  Using QMovies requires that you have the freeware version of QuickTime Player 7.  But you don't need a Pro upgrade.


2. Where do I get QuickTime 7?

It should be included in your OS installation DVD (not Applications Install DVD).  Find a folder titled 'Optional installs.'  Inside this folder, locate a package labeled Optional Installs.  By double-clicking on this package, you can install QuickTime 7.


3. selfMovies doesn't appear to convert reference movies into self-contained QuickTime videos correctly.

When created, a QuickTime reference movie has a link to the self-contained movie that it points to.  So if you break their relative locations, a reference movie cannot be converted into a self-contained movie.  Make sure also that the self-contained movie that a reference movie points to still exists on your computer.


4. Can I change the names of reference movies after creating them with refMovies?

Yes, you can.  But you cannot change the names of the original self-contained QuickTime videos that they point to.