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Movie2Shot - User's Guide


Mac software Movie2Shot



C. Tools

Besides letting you take movie screenshots from individual files, Movie2Shot comes with extra features called Tools.  Version 1.0 has Convert and MultiShots.

a) Convert

If you have a number of graphic files with the same format (.BMP, .JPG, .PICT, .PNG, .PSD, .SGI, .TGA) and want to change it to something else, you may find Convert useful.  Convert will let you batch-convert any number of graphic files with a different one.  Whether you have 100 or 1,000 image files, it shouldn't be a problem for Movie2Shot.



Mac software Movie2Shot   Mac software Movie2Shot



Notice that there's a drop box.  This is where you need to drag and drop a whole folder containing graphic files.  It doesn't matter whether you have other files.  Convert will only looks for files with the target graphic format of your choice.  So if the folder contains text files, they will not be affected at all.



Mac software Movie2Shot   Mac software Movie2Shot



Also notice that the drop box initially looks grayed out.  That is, the drop box won't accept a folder until you set three things.


  1. Format 1: Target graphic format for Convert to look for
  2. Format 2: Graphic format into which to convert image files
  3. Export destination: A folder where to export converted files


If you set these three elements, the drop box will change its look and accepts a folder from you.  And dragging and dropping a folder containing image files will trigger Movie2Shot to convert graphic formats and export files.



Mac software Movie2Shot



b) MultiShots

If you have a number of movie files on which you want to take mutiple screenshots, you will probably find MultiShots quite useful.  MultiShots allows the user to import any number of movies and automatically take multiple screenshots on them.



Mac software Movie2Shot   Mac software Movie2Shot



First, drag and drop one or more movie files onto the media drop box.  And MultiShots needs you to decide on


  1. Graphic format: There are currently only three export formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG) available.
  2. Frequency: Set the number of seconds by which you want Movie2Shot to take a movie screenshot.  For example, if you set the export frequency to 50, then Movie2Shot will take a screenshot every 50 seconds on every movie in the list.  If you have 5 movies whose durations are all 5 minutes and set the export frequency to 60 (1 minute), then Movie2Shot will generate a total of 25 screenshots.
  3. Export destination: Select a folder where to save movie screenshots.



Mac software Movie2Shot   Mac software Movie2Shot



If necessary, right-button-click on the movie list.  And you will get a command menu.  For example, select a movie and choose Remove to remove the selected file from the list.  Likewise, right-button-click on the movie list and choose Clear to remove all files in the lsit.



Mac software Movie2Shot



If you are ready to let Movie2Shot automatically generate screenshots, press Export.  A progress bar window will open.  And notice that Movie2Shot will calculate and show you an expected number of movie screenshots right after you press the button.


c) 1Movie1

With Version 1.2.0, the user will have access to a new tool called 1Movie.  1Movie allows the user to take a specified number of snapshots out of 1 imported QuickTime-based movie.  To begin with, click on 1Movie Toolbar button on the main window.  As you can expect, drag and drop a QuickTime-based movie onto the media drop box to the left.



Mac software Movie2Shot   Mac software Movie2Shot



In order to set the number of snapshots to generate, use the slider or manually enter a number in the edit field at the middle of the window.  Then Movie2Shot will tell you at what interval it will generate a movie snapshot.  You will be able to geneate one snapshot per second at most.  That is, the number of snapshots you can generate is capped by the total seconds of the movie.  If a movie length is 2 minutes or 120 seconds, you could generate as many as 120 snapshots.



Mac software Movie2Shot   Mac software Movie2Shot



c) 1Movie2

1Movie2, which is available with Version 1.3.0, is similar to 1Movie1.  While 1Movie1 generates movie snapshots sequentially, 1Movie2 generates movie snapshots randomly.  So there is no cap as to how many movie snapshots you can generate with 1Movie2 except that any slider must have a minimum and a maximum.  And you need to define a maximum number of movie snapshots by opening the Preferences window.  By default, it's set to 100.  And you can set it to 1,000, 10,000 or whatever.



Mac software Movie2Shot   Mac software Movie2Shot



'Generating snapshots randomly' literally means that Movie2Shot will generate a random number between 0 and the length of the movie in total seconds every time it exports a movie snapshot.  This number will not be excluded once it's drawn.  So it is possible that you will have the exactly same movie snapshots if the movie length is short.



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