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   Last updated: April 27, 2011






Movie2Shot - FAQ


Mac software Movie2Shot



1. "This was a waste of time - very buggy, crashed the Finder, couldn't get it to do anything I wanted, and the UI is badly designed. Despite saying it's shareware, in fact it's a trial version with 7 days available with a timed nag screen when you launch (relaunch needed frequently due to frequent crashes).."

Our wild guess is that this person at VersionTracker has enabled some of the do-it-at-your-own-risk media types and tried to import a movie file without having an appropriate QuickTime component or against system requirements.  But, hey, what do we know?  He or she doesn't even mention their OS version.


Mac software Movie2Shot


2. Storing Preferences settings in a database

We have no choice but to store Preferences settings in an encrypted database.  This change is caused by the fact that we are selling a revised build at Mac App Store.  Mac App Store reviewers use undisclosed monitoring tools, is known to go after and put text files in use.  Apple, Inc. refuses to admit it.  Therefore, they refuse to fix them.  Consequently, the application could crash when the MAS reviewer closes Preferences window without an escape clause.  This application never crashes when regular users close Preferences window simply 1) because they don't have the monitoring tools Apple uses and 2) because they are not expected to run the application under the guest account.  Installing an escape clause can stop the application from crashing when the MAS reviewer closes Preferences window, causing the application to save no settings.

Anyway, we apologize for the change, especially to those who didn't even buy their software license from MAS.



3. I use the online store version of Movie2Shot.  Now, this application is only available at Mac App Store.  Does that mean the online version has been abandoned?

Nope.  We have no intension of ditching existing software licensees.  We will release both the online version and the Mac App Store version of an update whenever these is one ready.  Those who purchase the Mac App Store version are in a disadvantage because it'll take Mac App Store one week, two weeks or even longer to review and then approve an update.  On the other hand, for the sake of those who previously purchased the online version, we can release an update at any time.