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   Last updated: February 18, 2011






MKVToolPack 2 - FAQ


Mac software MKVToolPack 2



1. What's new with MKVToolPack?

We have decided to upgrade MKVToolPack so that current users will find it easier to use.  This major upgrade is focused on its user interface.  MKVToolPack 2 should certainly look better.  Also, MKVToolPack 2 comes with a better progress bar for all components except UnpackAll.  All other components (Unpack, PackMP4, PackMOV, PackMKV, SplitMKV, JoinMKV) comes with a working, dynamic progress bar with an Abort button.  Previously, MKVToolPack did not allow the user to abort the export process once it started.  And the rainbow wheel took over the application during the entire export process.  MKVToolPack 2 do allow the user to abort the export process with just a click on the Abort button.

The only new component that is available with MKVToolPack 2 is JoinMKV, which allows the user to merge split MKV movies into one independent video clip.  However, JoinMKV is simply adopted from Split n Join 2, MacHouse's No. 2-selling software product.  In this sense, MKVToolPack 2 has yet to have a single unique feature.


2. How come UnpackAll won't give us a dynamic progress bar?

That's mainly because the number of raw tracks you select is not definite besides the fact that MKVToolPack allows the user to import multiple files.  If it's just the matter of one file, an arrangment could be made programatically just as with Unpack.  It also because MKVToolPack relies on a command-line application, to which only one line of instructions must be submitted at a time.