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   Last updated: February 19, 2011






Little Disc+ - FAQ


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1. Why is the price of Little Disc+ set so high?

That's because we do not want to sell as many copies as we could.  Every order is handled manually because we have to create an account so that he or she can download the software package on top of generating a serial number.  If we set the price of Little Disc+ to $5, 1,000 new order will probably follow in one week.  We cannot handle so many orders.  And we cannot give software support to so many people.  We could sell as many copies as possible without providing support.  But that's not the way we conduct our business.


2. Are there other language versions available?

No.  And we are unlikely to have other language versions with or without help of kind users.


3. How can I turn off the beep sound at time of launching Little Disc+?

You can't.  It's caused by a bug that we cannot fix for now.  This beep sound is triggered when the application reads stored data in the Preferences file and then send variables to Preferences Window where one can customize the location of windows.  Yes, we can stop the beep sound if we remove the code responsible for reading and then storing variables.  But customized settings must be more important than a once-time beep sound.  We will continue working on removing this bug. 

The problem has been solved.


4. How can I make suggestions on how to improve Little Disc+?

Look under the Help menu and choose Support.  That's where you can post questions and suggestions.


5. What is your upgrade policy?

It should be considered 'free for life' unless upgrading Little Disc+ will involve a major software architectural change like shifting from OS 9 to Max OS X.


6. Does Little Disc+ run under Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger?

Only presumably yes...  But we cannot give you a definite answer.  We have no Mac computer running OS X 10.4 Tiger or Panther.  So don't buy it if your OS is 10.4.x.


7. Does Little Disc+ run under Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard?

We can only say that, as of August 20 (2009), two people run Little Disc+ under Mac OS X 10.6.  And they haven't reported a problem.  Yes, it does.


8. Does Little Disc+ have a built-in auto-update function?

No.  We are aware that our freeware products have been distributed without our permission.  Little Disc+ will not have a built-in update feature because one can easily install an ill code and distribute this copy without our awareness to spread a computer virus or whatever.  A built-in update feature can be dangerous because users can't see what web server the application is accessing without a network program installed.

In the meantime, Little Disc+ comes with an update notication feature.  With version 2.1.1, you have an option of running the update notification automatically upon startup.


9. You say no space in the file name?  What if the name of a subdirectory contains a space?

Subdirectories can contains a space or more.  It's only the matter of the end folderitem.  The following absolute path is acceptable.

My Drive:My Folder: MyImage.dmg


Most command-line tools that are accessed through GUI are unlikely to accept the following absolute path.

My Drive:My Folder: My Image.dmg


10. Why does Little Disc+ create a temporary folder at the target destination instead of the one at user/Local Settings/Temp/?

That's because the location of the temporary folder suggested by Mac OS X can be different, depending on the version.  OS X 10.5 Leopard and OS X 10.4Tiger work differently in this respect.


11. Will Little Disc+ support Alcohol 120%'s MDF disc images?

The answer is no for now.  There's an open-source command-line tool called mdf2iso for reading and converting MDF disc images into ISOs.  It's relatively old, and the project has been abandoned.  This command-line tool still runs under Mac OS X 10.5 but will convert only old versions of MDF disc images.  The command-line tool does not read disc images that are created with the lastest version of Alcohol 120% or equivalent.  It reads BIN images and old MDF files.  If you still want us to support this command-line tool for converting old versions of MDF disc images into ISOs, just raise your hand.  But we will not misrepresent our product, making it look like it supports MDF disc images fully. 

With version 2.1.1 upgrade, users can convert Alcohol 120%'s MDF disc images into ISOs.


12. Little Disc+ will not convert my GBI disc images.  Do I get a refund?

The answer is no, mostly.  We don't sell Little Disc+ if it doesn't work with GBI disc images and others.  We test all disc image formats by creating disc images with Windows versions of products.  For example, Little Disc+ has been tested with disc images that are created with gBurner many times.  If you claim that Little Disc+ won't read your GBI images, then gBurner probably won't read them, either.  If gBurner does, but Little Disc+ doesn't, then?  Just send us over the disc image.  And we will think about giving a refund, depending on if the file itself is valid.


13. I get a message that says 'The command-line program for doing this task cannot be found' if I try to work on a disc image.  What am I doing wrong?

Find command-line tools inside the folder named 'command-line applications to Library' and put them in the Library folder.  Users Guide explains it.


14. I get a message that says 'This feature is only available to licensed users' if I try to work on a disc image.  What am I doing wrong?

Just download a full version of Little Disc+, not a trial or shareware versions, and validate your license.