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Junk-O-Magic - User's Guide


Mac freeware Junk-O-Magic


Installing and uninstalling Junk-O-Magic

Please read the README file that comes with the application.


Using Junk-O-Magic

A. Browsers: This component comes from BookmarksX.  If you are a webmaster, you may sometimes think that it will be nice if the window of a web browser will stay the same.  This function will let you resize the dimensions of Safari and Firefox windows.  For more information on how to use Browsers, read its User's Guide under Web Browsers.



Mac freeware Junk-O-Magic



B. WindowShots: This component comes from bkBrowser and BookmarksX.  For more information on how to use WindowShots, read BookmarksX's User's Guide.


C. DesktopShots: This component orginally comes from ScreenEdit 2.  What it does is simple.  It will let you take desktop screenshots just as you press Command + Shift #3.  And DesktopShots allows you to extend this simple common desktop screenshot function.  For example, you can choose to have the Mouse pointer in the screenshot.  You can certainly choose the graphic format.  Enable Delay so that you can make some preparation before Junk-O-Magic actually takes a screenshot.  You can also send the screenshot you have taken directly to Preview or Mail, but not both.



Mac freeware Junk-O-Magic



D. ChangeExtensions: This component comes from AskKey Pro.  ChangeExtensions will let you change extensions of files from one to another collectively.  For more information, read its User's Guide under Ext.


E. Dice: Dice was initally developed for A-Cownts.  It's also used with OrganizeX.  It's a neat feature that will lets you generate passwords consisting of numbers, alphabetic letters, special characters and Greek letters.  The maximum length of characters is 999.



Mac freeware Junk-O-Magic



By the way, what's the difference between 'No number at the beginning' and 'Alphabetic letter at the beginning'?  If you enable the former, then the first character can be an alphabetic letter, a special character or a Greek letter.


F. QuickMask: This component directly comes from QuickMask.  We have nothing special to add.  So read its User's Guide for more information.


G. SplitImg: SplitImg first appeared in Little Disc+SplitMe and Split n Join also include it.  SplitImg will let you split a single Disc image (DMG) into multiple parts. 

In order to use SplitImg, first, drag and drop a DMG image onto the drop box.  Then set the number of parts, destination and the new name.



Mac freeware Junk-O-Magic



If you enable 'Encryption,' you will end up giving a password as many times as the number of segments.  Each segment can have its own unique password.


H. RandomScreenshots: RandomScreenshots was first introduced to mBrowser.  This component comes with a hidden movie player and will let you take up to five screenshots out of an imported movie.  Junk-O-Magic will randomly select frames.  It's a nice-to-have function when you don't want to choose frames for youself.  And Junk-O-Magic will automatically choose up to 5 frames for you.



Mac freeware Junk-O-Magic



In order to use RandomScreenshots, simply, drag and drop a movie clip (M4V, MOV, MP4) onto the drop box.  Then set a destination, a graphic format and the number of screenshots.



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