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Image2Go - User's Guide


Mac software Image2Go




Again, as the name suggests, this component will let you batch-export one or more image files by flipping and/or rotating them.  If you only want to flip image files without rotating them, then you need to set Rotation to 0.  (See Screenshot 4-8.)  On the other hand, if you only want to rotate images, then choose No flipping from Flip directions



Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-8


Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-9




Mask is another batch-processor.  When you drag and drop an image file, it will generate a mask file in JPEG.  If your application (whatever it is) doesn't read the alpha channel of the file, you may be required to import a mask file.  For example, REAL Studio doesn't always read the alpha channel of TIFF images.



Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-10


Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-11



In fact, you can create a mask file, using Preview.  So you may feel that you won't need Image2Go in order to just create mask files.  But creating mask files with Preview can be a pain - (1) Open the file.  (2) Open Adjust Color.  (3) Adjust Exposure and other parameters.  (4) Choose Save As.  (5) Choose JPEG and adjust the compression rate.  If you have no time constraint, you might not mind your going over all these steps for each file, of course.



As shown in Screenshot 4-12, the drop symbol is orange.  So Sqr512 is a single-file processor.  It will let you export images of the same kind at various sizes (16 x 16 pixels, 32 x 32 pixels, 48 x 48 pixels, 128 x 128 pixels, 256 x 256 pixels) when you drag and drop a square-ratio 512 px image file.



Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-12


Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-13




Icon128 will let you generate a 128 x 128 Mac icon out of a square-ratio 128 x 128 image file.  In the course, it will create a folder, in which it will export several TIFF files along with a Mac icon.  You can of course trash those TIFF files if you don't need them.



Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-14


Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-15



By the way, you should avoid using image files as source that use the PNG format just for this component.  If the image file has an alpha layer, you may first want to convert it into TIFF.



Similar to Icon128, Icon512 will let you generate a 512 x 512 Mac icon out of a square-ratio 512 x 512 image file.  Although Icon512 will create a folder and then export several TIFF files, it will not take the same approach as does Icon128 in creating Mac icons.  And, unlike Icon128, you can use PNG files as source with Icon512.



Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-16


Mac software Image2Go

Screenshot 4-17



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