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   Last updated: February 19, 2011






iDVD 6 Q&A

Q 01   Does iDVD support AC3?
A 01   No.  iDVD supports pulse-code modulation (PCM). More specifically, iDVD 6 exports an audio stream (stereo) with a bitrate of 160 bps and a sampling rate of 48 kHz.  If you really need to use AC3 as the audio compressor, you might want to check out Apple's DVD Studio Pro.
Q 02   Does iDVD support multiple audio streams?
A 02   No.  It's just one.
Q 03   Does iDVD come with a subtitle feature?
A 03   No.
Q 04   Can I export a project in a disc image?
A 04   Yes.  You can export your project in a disc image (.img).
Q 05   Can I import menu objects?
A 05   No.  iDVD has no feature that would allow you to import your own menu objects.
Q 06   Does iDVD support copy protection?
A 06   No.  It doesn't support content scramble system (CSS) or Macrovision's copy protection.  So iDVD may not be suitable to produce commercial DVDs.
Q 07   Does iDVD support the region restriction function?
A 07   No.  DVDs you produce with iDVD will be region-free.
Q 08   If I create a DVD with iDVD, can I play it with a DVD player and watch it on TV?
A 08   Yes, you can.
Q 09   Does iDVD support double-layered discs?
A 09   Yes.
Q 10   Does iDVD support the anamorphic ratio?
A 10   No.  iDVD will let you create DVDs with 4:3 or 16:9 ratios.  And the DVDs will stay at the orignal ratio.
Q 11   Can I import a Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express project to iDVD?
A 11   No, you cannot.  You can an import iMovie project, though.
Q 12   Which audio compressor does iDVD support?
A 12   iDVD supports MP3, MP4 (AAC), AIF and perhaps more.
Q 13   Which application can I use to play the DVD that I created with iDVD on the desktop of my Mac?
A 13   You can use Apple's DVD Player, VideoLAN's VLC and so forth.
Q 14   Which video format does iDVD support for media inputs?
A 14   iDVD supports AVI, DV, MOV and MP4 video formats.
Q 15   Which video format doesn't iDVD support for media inputs?
A 15   iDVD does not support FLV, M2T, M2V, MPEG, VOB, WMV and more.
Q 16   Which is the best MPEG-4 video compressor in importing video clips to iDVD?
A 16   It's MPEG-4 Part II.
iDVD is a product of Apple, Inc.