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GlobalClockz - User's Guide


Mac software GlobalClockz






1. Installing and uninstalling GlobalClockz

Please read the README file that comes with the application.  Or click here to download one.


2. Using GlobalClockz

A. Preferences

When you first start out with GlobalClockz, you should open Preferences and work on software settings under the Settings tab.



Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz



The default time is not the time of your system clock.  GlobalClockz keeps tracks of the time across more than 150 cities around the global.  By setting a default time, you can select a time zone with a click of Mouse without finding one by exploring a pull-down menu.



Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz



If you enable Run update notification, GlobalClockz will automatically connects our remote server to see if there any software updates available upon each startup.

Enable or disable All alarms on/off to enable or disable all alarm sounds when the application starts up.  By default, all alarm sounds will be turned off when you first install and then launch GlobalClockz.

Updating GlobalClockz to Version 1.2.0, you will have an option of displaying world atlas times in the 24 hour form.  If the checkbox is turned off, then the hours will be displayed with AM/PM.



Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz



Please note that each time you open Preferences and then close the window, GlobalClockz will quit and then launch itself.  This requirement is made to maintain software stability.



B. Using GlobalClockz

1) World clocks and World atlas

Whenever you launch GlobalClockz, you will always start with World clocks.  And you will only see clocks that are not working.  They aren't working only because you have not set time zones.  In order to run any of the 10 clocks under the World clock tab, you need to set a time zone for it.  If you have already set your default time, you can click on the clock icon under a pull-down menu to instantly choose the time zone you have specified with the Preferences window.



Mac software GlobalClockz



Remember to click on the Save button at the bottom of the window to save these time zones.  By saving time zones, GlobalClockz will run the clocks every time you start it up.  And the time will keep ticking for each clock until you quit the application.  Whether or not you have set new time zones, if you don't click on the Save button, you will start with the last time zones you have saved when you launch GlobalClockz next time.



Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz



Switching the tab to World atlas, you can keep track of the time at 19 major cities around the world.  The time will keep ticking, whether or not you switch tabs, until you quit the application.  World atlas is not interactive.  So there is no action for you to take except that you want to check the time quickly and easily at these 19 cities.



Mac software GlobalClockz



2) World alarms

World alarms is not just a feature that will alarm you with a sound at your local time.  It works across different time zones.  Therefore, when you set an alarm, you must select a time zone along with it.  You can keep track of as many as 10 alarm clocks.

When you set an alarm clock, you can attach notes to describe its nature.  After you create an alarm profile, GlobalClockz will show it in the list menu.  All profiles will be listed there.  And each edit field at the bottom of the window shows notes for a particular alarm profile.



Mac software GlobalClockz



In order to set an alarm clock, you must first choose a time zone.  Ever time you launch GlobalClockz, GlobalClockz will get the actual date and time according to your system clock.  Notice that the day of the month is left blank.  If you change the year or month, the day field will be automatically emptied whether or not you have already fill the day field.  That's because the number of days in February is not fixed.



Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz



Also notice that there is a blank field right under the location drop-down menu.  As soon as you select a time zone, the time will start ticking in real time not at your local time but according to the time zone you have selected.  Knowing what time it is under the selected time zone, it should be easier for you to set a date and time when to sound an alarm instead of seeing your local time.  By the way, note that the number of hours must be entered in the 24 hour format.

When you finish setting a date and time and writing notes, which is not required, click on the Set button.  And GlobalClockz will record your alarm profile.  GlobalClockz will maintain it whether or not you retart the application or turn off your computer, until you virtually delete it by clicking on the Remove button.



Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz



GlobalClockz will sound an alarm in real time when any of the scheduled time you have specified arrives.  You can turn on and off each alarm clock individually.  When an alarm clock goes off, its icon will turn itself into normal instead of remaining grayed out.  In order to turn off the alarm sound instantly, disable its checkbox.  Deleting an alarm profile will not immediately stop GlobalClockz from sounding the alarm.  There will be a 5 ~ 10 second delay.



Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz



Updating GlobalClockz to Version 1.2.0, you will be notified by animation (See the left bottom corner.) that at least one of the alarm clocks has gone off with or without an alarm sound.  You will see this animation under World clocks, World atlas and Tools as well.



Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz



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