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   Last updated: February 19, 2011






Apple Final Cut Pro Basic Series: Final Cut Pro Offline Editing

Apple Final Cut Pro Basics Series comprises 8 video tutorials in a total of 1 hour and 4 minutes.  This series is designed for those who have just started using Final Cut Pro and wish to acquire very basic skills enough to offline-edit simple videos.

In this series, we use a short QuickTime video clip which were recorded with a screen capture application.  In this clip, simple tasks are recorded to show how to use QuickTime Pro functions.  It is intended to design a very first video tutorial.  So we import this clip, create a preset for it and then edit it.

Note that this is not a sufficient solution to learning how to create video tutorials or how to use Final Cut Pro at all.  This series only offers a tool for Final Cut Pro beginners as to where to start.

Offline editing basics #01: This 3-minute short tutorial quickly explains the screen interface of Final Cut Pro.

Keywords: Project, Bin, Sequence, Timeline, Canvas, Viewer

  Final Cut Pro tutorial

Offline editing basics #02: At first, we want to import a QuickTime clip.  So we attempt to identify the video settings.  Finally, we create a sequence preset and import it.  But then we encouter an audio unredered issue.

Keywords: QuickTime, VLC, Audio compressor, Audio sample rate, Audio bit depth, Video compressor, Screen resolution, Frame rate, Sequence preset, Rendering

  Final Cut Pro tutorial

Offline editing basics #03: After successfully reading audio and video streams, we start making a video tutorial.  We want to create a simple introductory image with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks 8.  We then decide which application and what graphc format suit our needs best.

Keywords: Timeline, User Preferences, PNG, PSD

  Final Cut Pro tutorial

Offline editing basics #04: We edit video by making cuts, creating still images out of it and setting key frames.

Keywords: Duration, Snap, Join Through Edit, Add Edit, Make Freeze Frame, Key frames

  Final Cut Pro tutorial

Offline editing basics #05: To begin with, we edit the introductory image in real time.  Then we encounter a slight problem.  We also use one of the video generator effects to lay a text image in the video.

Keywords: Offline, Reconnect, Video Generators, Crawl, Scrolling Text, Text, Typewriter

  Final Cut Pro tutorial

Offline editing basics #06: After making a duplicate clip, we place a piece of matte to shed a spotlight on a specific area of the screen.

Keywords: Marker, Matte, Mask Shape, Composite Mode, Subtract, Invert, Make Favorite Effect, Favorites

  Final Cut Pro tutorial

Offline editing basics #07: After creating and importing a farewell image and then laying a transition effect, this video tutorial is complete and ready for export.

Keywords: Video Transitions, PagePeel, Batch Export

  Final Cut Pro tutorial
Offline editing basics #08: This last video tutorial doesn't involve any Final Cut Pro workflow. It only shows some of the projects and sequences we created previously as examples.   Final Cut Pro tutorial

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