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   Last updated: February 19, 2011






Mac and Windows File Extensions Guide for Mac Users


  • bin  'bin' was once a popular file extension handled by Aladdin System's (now known as Alllume) StuffIt Expander.  In need of larger files in general, fewer people nowadays use StuffIt and instead reply on the disc image.

    bin is also a binary data file extension that is widely used under Windows system.  It often comes in pair with a file whose extension is cue.  If you don't have a cue file, you can still drag it onto Roxio's Toast Titanium's icon to open it.  Then save it as a toast image.

toast bin

  • cue  It's an extension for the metadata file initially used by a PC program called CDRWin.  It comes in pair with a file with .bin extension that contains binary data.  If you have Roxio's Toast Titanium, you can simply double-click on it to open it.  Under 'File,' Choose 'Save As Disc Image...'  In this way, you can save it as a Mac-readable toast image.

  • daa  It's an extension for a disc image created by PowerISO.  Some Windows users use this disc image intead of iso or others for password protection.  There is no existing Mac freeware/shareware title that allows you to open this disc image.

  • img  It's an old disc image extension first used by Aladdin System's ShrinkWrap. You can open it with Apple's Disk Utility or Roxio's Toast Titanium

  • iso  It's a universal disk utility format, and you can open it with Apple's Disk Utility or Roxio's Toast Titanium.

  • mdf  It's an extension used by a popular Windows program called Alcohol 120%.  There is no Mac freeware or shareware application that handles this extension.  That doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot opne it.  It's an image disk extension, and you are likely to be able to open it with Apple's Disk Utility or Roxio's Toast Titanium.  Simply change the extension to toast or dmg.

  • mkv  Matroska is a free container format just like AVI and MOV.  VLC 0.85 may play back Matroska-formatted video clips.  And you can extract audio and video streams out of Matroska-formatted multimedia files with mkvtoolnixThis video tutorial of ours shows how to use it.

  • ogg  Ogg Vorbis is a free multimedia format.  It's mostly used for music, a replacement for mp3.  In order to play back ogg files with QuickTime or iTunes, you need a QuickTime component.  There are several free QuickTime components.  For example, Xiph.Org offers one.

  • rar  It's a popular file compression extension under Windows system.  It's widely used partly because a group of files can be packed and split into small parts, which can then be password-locked.  There are many Mac freeware titles that handle rar archives.  The latest version of unRarX is in Universal Binary and free.  unRarX is reliable, but it's a bit slow to decompress files.  One of the alternatives is RAR Expander, whose latest version is also in Univeral Binary.  RAR Expander, a Mac freeware title, is very fast in decompressing files.

    rar expander

  • toast  It's a popular disc image extension used by Roxio's Toast Titanium.  Even if you don't have Toast, you can open it with Apple's Disk Utility.  You cannot open a Toast file by just dragging and dropping onto Disk Utility.  In order to open a Toast file with Disk Utility, Choose 'Open Disk Image...' under 'File' and designate the toast file to open.

    toast disk utility