For Developers


   Last updated: February 19, 2011







If you are representing a software company and wish us to review your software, you may use the contact form to contact us.  You are never required to give us a free software license.  And, above all, we cannot guarantee that we will write a review whether you contact us or give us a free software license.  If you have questions, please read 'Software developers' under 'FAQ.'

It is our policy that we do not give a buy recommendation to our dearest supporters if the software developer does not reveal its office information.  That's because software buyers have to give up their private information or billing information in many cases and therefore they have the right to know who to be trusted with such information.

If you have a very important public announcement to make, you may cerntainly contact us.  But, again, we do not guarantee that we will make a announcement at our weblog on or for your behalf.  And we strongly suggest that you define 'very important public announcement' wisely.