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As a webmaster, you may find that blocking specific IP addresses is simply.  Yes, it is.  But one year from now, you may not remember why you blocked this particular IP address or that IP address by looking at those numbers.  BlockIPs gives the user quick access to remote server's htaccess file.  BlockIPs acts as an FTP application so that you can revise the htaccess file and make changes to the IP block list quickly and easily.




  • BlockIPs can access a remote FTP server and read htaccess data with just a click of Mouse and shut off the connection automatically.
  • The user can work on an htaccess file offline to add/delete IP addresses.
  • BlockIPs can upload a new copy of htaccess to a remote server with just a click of Mouse and shut off the connection automatically.
  • Create a blank htaccess file and upload it.
  • Attach a date and a description to an IP address so that you will know why you are blocking a particular IP address.
  • Run WhoIs search on a selected IP address.






Mac software BlockIPs

Connecting an FTP server to access an htacess file


Mac software BlockIPs

Be reminded of backing up htacess


Mac software BlockIPs

Revising an IP address record


Mac software BlockIPs

Seeing the result of Numbers


Mac software BlockIPs

Running WhIs search on a selected IP address


Mac software BlockIPs

Adding a new IP address


Mac software BlockIPs

Uploading a new copy of htaccess


Mac software BlockIPs

Own IP address blocked




Trial version:


A trial version is available.  This trial version will remain fully functional for 1 week.


  • Click on the button to download the trial version of BlockIPs for Mac.  Mac video tutorials




System requirements:


  • 10.5, 10.6 with PowerPC or Intel Mac
  • Internet connection




Purchasing BlockIPs license:



Purchasing a single license of BlockIPs



BlockIPs is not currently available.






Version History:


1.0.0 to 1.0.2 (May 27, 2010)

  1. Eliminating the possibility that the number of year can be less than 1000...
  2. A minor fix is done, or the number of days could appear incorrectly.


BlockIPs is a product of MacHouse.