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   Last updated: February 19, 2011






Audio2QT - FAQ


Mac software Audio2QT



1. Is Audio2QT compatible with Snow Leopard?

At this moment, it's not.  You can run it under Snow Leopard.  But every time you export audio files, the app will hang up with no damage to exported files.  And you will be forced to force-quit the app.  Yes.


2. Do I need Flip4Mac to convert my WMA files into QuickTime audio?

No, you don't.  You won't even need QuickTime Player.


3. Why would you want to convert WMA or whatever into QuickTime audio?  Isn't MP3 more popular?

QuickTime (MOV) is a multimedia format.  It encapsulates audio, video tracks and other objects.  MP3 is a highly comressed audio format.  You want to convert audio into MP3 and lose quality.


4. Does Audio2QT let you rip audio tracks of an imported audio file?

No.  That would be a different development project.  Audio2QT will invalidate any media clip with video tracks.