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6. C. Using AskKey - HTML


The HTML function has nothing to do with ASCII.  Some website designers may find this feature useful, though, because they are often forced to use HTML notations as opposed to text.  For example, they may be prohibited to use the ampersand and/or apostrophe as characters.  In order to display these chracters, they have to use HTML notations.



Mac freeware AskKey   Mac freeware AskKey



There is one character that is not supported with this function.  It's the comma.  It's not supported because a string of consecutive characters must be separated by it.


6. D. Using AskKey - Key


Key offers a simple feature that only software programmers will probably find it useful.  When you click on the Key button on the Toolbar menu, you will see a small window with no input box.  What you need to do here is press a key, and AskKey will find the ASCII value corresponding to your key stroke.



Mac freeware AskKey   Mac freeware AskKey



How about the ASCII values for the control and command buttons?  ASCII values were made way before the first personal computer came into existence.  So there is no ASCII value for the control or command buttons.


6. E. Using Sym1 & Sym2


To learn how to use Sym1 & Sym2, read AskKey Pro's User Guide.




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