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   Last updated: July 30, 2011






AppReady - FAQ


Mac software AppReady



1. What version of Xcode do I need to use AppReady?

You don't need Xcode if you have Application Tools 1.1.  However, Application Tools appears to have been incorporated into Xcode.  So if you don't have Application Tools, you need Xcode 3.2.6 or Xcode 4.0.1 (or higher).  Click here for more information.  (Apple Developer account is required to access Developer Forums.)



2. I understand that I need Application Tools, which contains productbuild (CLT).  Where do I get Application Tools anyway?

Apple used to offer Application Tools to Developer members at the following web page.  Around the time when they released Xcode 4 Preview, however, they appeared to have renewed the page, and they also removed a link to Application Tools.  Anyway, you may be able to download it here.  You don't need Xcode 3.2.6 or Xcode 4.x if you just need productbuild.



3. Do you guys actually use AppReady to make applications compatible with Mac App Store guidelines for yourselves?

Yes.  As of April 27, 2011, we have about 25 software titles (including CopyReady, FileRanger, Image2Go, Movie2Shot, WatermarQue Plus...) available at Mac App Store.



4. If I try to upload software packages that I've created with AppReady to iTunes Connect, Application Loader gives me an error.

If you are running Snow Leopard on your computer, you should know that you can only upload software packages to iTunes Connect through Application Loader with the computer running Lion after July 20, 2011.  If you are running Lion on your computer and then get an error on Application Loader 1.5, you need to use Application Loader 1.4.  Click here for more information.