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AIStart - User's Guide


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1. Introduction

What is AIStart?  It's a simple application that will let you get started with Adobe Illustrator by opening a new document with the settings of your choice.  AIStart is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.1.  It is compatible with not just the English version of Adobe Illustrator but also other language versions including Spanish.  (We've confirmed that AIStart is compatible with English and Spanish versions of Adobe Illustrator only.)


2. Using AIStart

There are two buttons at the top of the application window.  If Adobe Illustrator on your computer is not currently running, then the Quit button should be grayed out.  And the Launch button must be clickable at the same time.  (See Screenshot 2-1.)  And you can click on this button to launch Adobe Illustrator though you don't have to.  If Adobe Illustator is already running on your computer, you can click on the Quit button to quit it.



Mac software AIStart

Screenshot 2-1


Mac software AIStart

Screenshot 2-2



There are basic document settings of Adobe Illustrator that you can control inside the box.  For example, explore the drop-down menu next to the label that says Color space to choose either color space (CMYK or RGB).  (See Screenshot 2-2.)  If you want to set a stroke color, first enable the checkbox below the label that says Stroke and then click on the button next to the checkbox.  (See Screenshot 2-3.)  Clicking on the stroke color button will prompt the application to open a Color Picker window, which will let you select a color.  (See Screenshot 2-4.)  After you select a color, the edit field next to the color button will be updated with the hexidecimal representation of the color you've selected.



Mac software AIStart

Screenshot 2-3


Mac software AIStart

Screenshot 2-4



Now, if you have finished working on document settings, simply click on the Create button at the bottom.  (See Screenshot 2-5.)  If Adobe Illustrator is not running yet, you should see a status message that says "Adobe Illustrator is not currently running" right above the Create button.  If you click on it, AIStart will first have Adobe Illustrator launched.  Then it will create a new document and work on document settings.  (See Screenshot 2-6.)  If Adobe Illustrator is already running, then AIStart will just create a new document with your settings when you click on the Create button.



Mac software AIStart

Screenshot 2-5


Mac software AIStart

Screenshot 2-6



If you want to save your current Illustrator document settings on the application window, simply choose File > Save.  (See Screenshot 2-7.)  And you will see the same document settings when you launch AIStart next time.  If you don't save your settings, they will be lost when you quit AIStart.



Mac software AIStart

Screenshot 2-7

































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