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Windows software 7evenTimes




7evenTimes is a Windows application and an event reminder that is designed to count down the remaining time till the given time event occurs.  How many days and hours are left till the London Olympic Games begins?  How many days are left till the next Christimas?  You don't need a calculator.  Use 7eventTimes instead to keep track of your important events and remaining days.





  • Create any number of time events.  And let 7evenTimes count down the remaining time till each time event is scheduled to occur.
  • Scroll a message left to right for the given time event.
  • Enable Auto Switcher to let 7evenTimes automatically switch time events from one to another.
  • Create regular events.  Regular events are time event presets that can be applied to existing events for the given year.
  • Choose your own default colors for event names and scrolling messages.





Windows software 7evenTimes



Windows software 7evenTimes



Windows software 7evenTimes

Creating a time event


Windows software 7evenTimes

Applying a regular event to an existing time event


Windows software 7evenTimes

Enabling Auto Switcher




System requirements:


  • Windows 7 64-bit/Windows 8 64-bit
  • .NET Framework 4 Client (Click here for more information on .NET Framework 4.)




Purchasing 7evenTimes license:



It is not currently for sale.





Version History:


1.0.1b to x.x.x (to be announced)

  1. Preferences: The user can create a list of regular events under the Regular event tab.
  2. After clicking on the Edit button, the user can choose an event under Regular Event to automatically set an event for the selected year.
  3. Preferences: The maximum interval between time events is extended to 60 seconds.
  4. Preferences: A set of minor fixes and changes is done under the Settings 2 tab.
  5. The clock picture is redesigned such that it will suit better for the application.
  6. The Redo command is now applicable for textbox controls.
  7. Fix: The Edit commands (Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All) function better.
  8. Other numerous minor changes and fixes are done.


1.0.0b to 1.0.1b (March 12, 2012)

  1. Fix: The user interface won't break regardless of the system language.


7evenTimes is a product of MacHouse.